now open for Fall/winter soccer season

The registration process in a multi-step process that needs to be completed in its entirety for a child to be eligible to participate in AHSA team sports.

Please follow the directions below. This process may take up to 30 minutes to complete. There are many release of liability / assumption of risk forms that need to be reviewed prior to completing this process.

  1. Family Registration - annual $10 membership that entitles a family to register their children for specific sports offered by AHSA (only paid once / school year).

  2. Athlete Registration - completed for each child for each sport, every year. Cost for the 2019-20 Soccer Season is $150/athlete. You may pay by check or credit card. Unfortunately there is a $10 service fee if paying by credit card.

  3. On-line release - this multi signature release needs to be read/reviewed and signed with an “e-signature” - both parent and student athlete.

  4. Additional forms - required for insurance waiver, health physical. These need to be downloaded, signed and returned to the coach.

  5. Pay registration fees. Either on line with a credit card or with a check. Complete this step regardless of which you choose. Select fees and number of athletes that apply. To submit credit card payment, after selections click on CART at top right.